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Lucid Gravity

D Squaloid

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2025 Lucid Gravity Is a Compelling Family EV with 440-Mile Range

Lucid adds Gravity (and gravitas) to its EV lineup with this road-trip-ready SUV that offers an expansive three-row interior and stunning good looks.


  • The Lucid Gravity is a premium electric SUV that will be offered in a three-row configuration with six- or seven-passenger seating or a two-row version that seats five.
  • Lucid expects 440 miles of maximum range and a 60-mph time of 3.5 seconds, via a compact and efficient dual electric motor powertrain derived from the Air sedan.
  • The starting price will come in under $80,000, with production and deliveries of the initial Dream Edition scheduled for late 2024.

Lucid took the wraps off the much-anticipated Gravity all-electric SUV today at the Los Angeles auto show, and it's a stunner. It makes a strong impression, but this notion comes from style, not size. The Gravity's shape is smooth and sleek, with a raked roofline that subtly tapers into a graceful tail spoiler. Lucid says the drag coefficient will come in under 0.24 when the available air suspension is at highway cruising height, which is unheard of in this class.

Bigger on the Inside

The Gravity is not particularly tall, and its overall length is said to be shorter than an Audi Q7. It is, however, incredibly spacious inside, thanks to the same compact electric motors and low-slung central battery pack that give the Lucid Air sedan its low roofline. The Gravity's wheelbase is longer than the Air's by an unspecified amount, and the two-level battery stack found under an Air's rear seat has been shifted forward under the Gravity's front seats, which had to be positioned higher anyway in true SUV fashion.

2025 lucid motors gravity interior

With these changes, the Gravity's design team was able to reoptimize the already low platform base to good effect, delivering a surprising amount of interior volume without the need for a sky-high roof. (It is a glass roof, so that helps.) As a result, all three rows can fit adults comfortably, and access is simplified by wide-opening side doors. The rear ones open a full 90 degrees, in fact. At the hatch, the floor is uncommonly low, even among crossovers, with third row seats that fold and fully disappear into a rear storage well, akin to a minivan. Because of the battery's low height, the middle row seats are also articulated, which means they can fold flat to the same level. All told, the seven-seater's maximum cargo space exceeds 112 cubic feet, while the five-seat version will be good for 120 cubic feet. Meanwhile, the vehicle itself stands less than six feet tall.

But there's more. The Gravity has a front trunk, and it holds more than eight cubic feet. The lower edge of the "hood" extends low enough that two adults can tailgate (or perhaps it's nosegate) in the frunk using the accessory seat cushion that Lucid offers. They've even molded cupholders into the flanks of the frunk's lining.

Modified Lucid Air Powertrain

At launch, all Lucid Gravity SUVs will be fitted with a version of the dual-motor all-wheel drive platform that powers the sedan's Dream Edition, Grand Touring, and Touring models. No specific slate of Gravity power outputs or battery sizes has been revealed, but Lucid has said it will use an evolution of the brand's 900-volt architecture. They also say the highest performing variant will deliver range "in excess of 440 miles" and be capable of reaching 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. 

They also say its ultrafast DC fast-charge rate will replenish 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. For reference, the Air Dream Edition was rated at 1111 horsepower and 520 miles of range, and it had a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 2.5 seconds.


Assuming all else is equal, the reduced range and less breathtaking acceleration of the SUV seems completely understandable on account of its taller roofline and boxier shape. There's no doubt it weighs more, too. But something else is in play, and that is the shorter final-drive ratio (numerically larger, but they have not yet revealed the spec) that's been utilized to give the Gravity SUV better off-road creeping performance and a usable degree of towing capability. The latter is rated at 6000 pounds, while the former is aided by an optional Zero Gravity air suspension that offers at least four height modes. The elevated off-road settings are manual driver selections, while the lower ones are mostly mode and speed dependent.

As for the rest of the suspension, we were able to visually confirm the presence of the same sort of five-link front suspension found on the Air sedan, but the rear was effectively hidden by a comprehensive rear cover and aerodynamic diffuser. The integral link rear suspension of the Air sedan seems unlikely, though. We've been told that active rear steering will be a Gravity option, but those two features are usually incompatible. Likewise, the Dream Edition prototype we saw had six-piston front and four-piston rear fixed-caliper brakes surrounded by 22-inch wheels shod with Pirelli P Zero Elect PZ5 summer tires.

What does this mean for the prospect of a single-motor/rear-drive configuration, as in the Lucid Air Pure? We're not yet certain because all Lucid would tell us is that only all-wheel drive will be available "at launch." Does this mean that the announced sub-$80,000 price will include all-wheel drive? Lucid won't yet confirm specific specs until next year, but it would not surprise us because the Gravity is an SUV, and there's less customer interest in two-wheel-drive SUVs.

However that pans out, you can bet that the $80,000 version will not have three-row seating, height-adjustable air suspension, active rear steering, or 22-inch Pirelli summer rubber.

New Clear Vision Cockpit

Up front, much has changed relative to the Lucid Air, except the overall look and feel of the materials. The design team took full advantage of the higher seating position of the Clear View cockpit, which places the main floating OLED display screen above the steering wheel for better visibility and a more comprehensive use of the available real estate. The wheel itself has been squared off into a "squircle" so its upper rim doesn't block the screen. We haven't yet driven the Gravity, but it all makes perfect sense and looks attractive from the driver's perch.

In the middle, the secondary OLED screen, which also floats, has been moved higher, enlarged, and switched to a landscape layout that makes it more compatible with media and phone-mirroring apps like Apple CarPlay. It's metallic lower edge still contains physical buttons for HVAC adjustments and the Air's center-mounted volume roller. Below that is a huge configurable center console. Its rear half is covered by an armrest that's rear-hinged for full access, while the front half include a sliding drawer that can but pushed forward under the center screen. Movable modules that Lucid calls Bentos are designed to be removed or reconfigured as the owner wishes.


The Gravity also offers a head-up display, something the Air never had. It's more than just a projection of speed and other items of interest, because it also includes augmented reality cues. This laser-enabled system can project lane lines and the position of the car ahead, even if the road is partially obscured by fog or rain. With guidance active, it also points you into a turn, confirms that you're on course, and gets you ready for the next one.

All of this is powered by a new UX 3.0 operating system that Lucid has developed in-house. It knits all the above functions together, with the goal of making everything easy to use, minimally distracting, and even enjoyable. Part of this thinking can be seen on the reimagined steering wheel, which has thumb-operated swipe controls on each spoke. Lucid says it offers an easy way to interact with the system without taking your hands off the wheel, which sounds great if it works better than some Ferrari 296GTB systems we could name. Another place this shows up something we'll have to sample to see if it's all that: a Lucid Spaces application that delivers a coordinated mix of sound and imagery to help you unwind while you're sitting stationary at a charge station.

Will There Be a Pure Model?

The Gravity will be offered in nine colors that consist of six carryover Air sedan colors plus Aurora Green, Lunar Titanium, and Supernova Bronze. As for interior themes, the current Mojave and Tahoe schemes are available, and they're joined here by new Yosemite and Ojai themes. Of these, two feature vegetable-tanned nappa leather, while the other are non-leather choices.

We don't know the names of the actual grades, but a sub-$80,000 cost of entry suggests there will be a Pure, like the Air. Will that one have a steel roof and rear-wheel drive? It remains to be seen, because Lucid isn't ready to confirm that. All they're saying is all-wheel drive and a glass roof will be the only way it'll be sold at launch. Based on that, we're betting on a Touring and Grand Touring, at least. And the prototype we sat in had Dream Edition badges all over it, so that's a certainty.

Zooming out, the Gravity is a very compelling and gorgeous large SUV. Lucid's powertrain efficiency, fast-charging architecture, and stellar range should make this a great road trip machine. It's a spacious and clever three-row SUV on the inside, but it won't take up a lot of parking space on the outside. Brits would call this vehicle a Tardis, but we just think it's fantastic.

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Ik vind hem echt geslaagd. Als de prijs enigszins meevalt zou dit ook in Europa eens een dikke hit kunnen worden.

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21 hours ago, D Squaloid said:

Ik vind hem echt geslaagd. Als de prijs enigszins meevalt zou dit ook in Europa eens een dikke hit kunnen worden.

Kan je al Lucids kopen in Europa?

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In Duitsland en Nederland volgens mij alleverbaar. België gaat denk ik niet lang meer duren.

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