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2010 Chevrolet Corvette Z06X Track Car Concept


*Low-gloss Icy White Metallic color with exposed carbon fiber and red accents

*2011 CFZ-option carbon fiber package, including splitter and rockers

*Adjustable carbon fiber wing

*ZR1 carbon fiber roof panel and B-pillar panels

*Carbon fiber raised hood (from the Z06 Carbon Limited Edition)

*Carbon fiber headlamp housings from Specter Werkes/Sports

*Weight-saving and shatter-resistant polycarbonate rear window


*Base Z06 1LZ trim

*Radio, carpeting and sound-deadening material removed

*SCCA-spec roll cage

*SCCA-approved window net

*Racing seat with five-point safety harness

*Fire suppression system

*Driver’s drink system

*Video camera system mounted on the roll cage

*Genuine Corvette Accessory racing pedal kit


*LS7 7.0L V-8 engine and Tremec six-speed manual transmission

*Low-restriction air intake system

*High-capacity radiator and enhanced cooling system

*New-for-2011 Z07 Performance Package, feature Brembo carbon ceramic brake rotors and special brake pads

*Lightweight racing wheels in black; 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear)

*Michelin racing tires

*Mono-ball control arm bushing

*Adjustable stabilizer bars

*Coil-over struts with adjustable camber plates



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