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Elektrisch rijden voor 2000


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Opladen elektrische AMC Gremlin aan een oplaadstation op de stoep. 1 uur laden voor 25¢. Seattle, 1973. 

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De Henney Kilowatt maakt gebruik van de carrosserie van de Renault (en Alfa Romeo) Dauphine. De Henney Kilowatt werd in 1958 gebouwd door de Amerikaanse radiofabrikant Emerson Radio en Henney, dat vanaf het begin van de twintigste eeuw ambulances, limousines en rouwauto’s fabriceerde.

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2 uren geleden, Polygoon zei:

Wat was de range? :D 

A 75 km range and 14 6 V batteries

Henney's Dauphine Kilowatt existed in two versions: the first, intended for urban use, was powered by 12 6 V batteries wired in series, and achieved a top speed of 64 km/h and a full-charge range estimated at 64 km. Only 8 of these cars were made. The second, powered by 14 6 V batteries, raised the top speed to 80 km/h and the range to 75 km. Electrical systems took up a great deal of space on the car, and the Henney Kilowatt did not have a boot. Even so, the vehicle weighed in at 950 kg to 1100 kg depending on the version. Both models were available in a choice of three colours: red, grey or black.


https://www.renaultgroup.com/en/news-on-air/news/henney-kilowatt-the-american-electric-dauphine/#:~:text=Henney's Dauphine Kilowatt existed in,range estimated at 64 km.

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